I am a firm believer in the idea that some people are meant to be in our lives for a moment, and others are meant to be in our lives for good. I don’t think this means that either type of person is more important than the other, some are just meant to get us through something or teach us something, whereas others will always be at the root of who we are. My dear friend Lakyn is a little bit of both. Back in 2010 I went through one of the darkest battles I’ve ever had to face and through all of the darkness was a small glimmer of light. In that light stood a group of people that I never knew before that time, but they would be the ones to hold my hand and pull me up from the ashes. Some of those amazing people were meant to be in my life just long enough to get me back on my feet, to teach me how to breath again. But two of those friends, Lakyn being one, were meant to be in my life for so much longer, teaching me how to live again.

In the earlier days on this journey together our newfound family spent days on end together, we didn’t go without talking regularly and some of us didn’t feel like we were thriving until we were in the presence of another. But as time went on, as it always does, the visits became less frequent and the phone calls came to a halt. People drifted apart, some were hard to find, and others faced new challenges that required their full attention. Life. Life was calling. We taught each other to live again and now it was time.

So on we went. Reaching out occasionally to touch base and reconnect the best we could, following each other on social media and never forgetting the family we had created. People moved and lost touch, and those who felt so close were now somehow so far away. Yet there through it all was a feeling, a feeling that this special friend that I had been given was always meant to be there.

God’s plan is a funny one. It isn’t mine and it isn’t yours, it isn’t predicted and it isn’t always the smoothest, but it is always perfect. A couple of years ago I relocated to the Charleston area, right there where my dear friend Lakyn called home! I was ecstatic to be so close to her again, to reconnect and have a small piece of my family back. But remember that funny plan I told you about? Lakyn relocated shortly after and that chance to reconnect never happened like I had hoped for. Thank goodness she couldn’t stay away and came right back not too long after!

When Lakyn contacted me to take her family portraits I could not have been a happier human being! Finally, I was going to be able to capture that beautiful soul and her amazing family. At the session, as I looked through my lens, I was quickly reminded of why Lakyn will always be my forever friend, one that’s meant to be at the core of who I am. She teaches me patience as she spoke so softly to her strong willed daughter. She teaches me joy as she plays with her children. She teaches me love as she holds tight to her significant other. She teaches me family as she so wonderfully loves on all of them. She teaches me to live again. Thank you dear friend.